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Helena Lügering, Universität Bonn, Fachbereich/Abteilung: Sozial- und Rechtspsychologie, E-Mail: helena.luegering@uni-bonn.de

Hitting two birds with one stone, we designed a "two-in-one" survey:
In our first study we would like you to rate 12 calendar mottos or worldly wisdoms. In the second study we ask you to think yourself into 10 different dilemmas.
Afterwards there will be some short personality questionnaires.
All in all, this should take about 15 minutes.
Here´s the bonus: If you fill out the survey completely, you have the chance to win one of five 20$ Amazon-vouchers!
Needless to say, this survey is completely anonymous! We won´t ask for your name or any personal information that would let us know who you are.

Bearbeitungszeit: ca. 15 Min.

Erstellt am 2018-05-23 - Kategorie: abgeschlossen


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